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Mission Hills Criminal Defense Attorney

Mission Hills DUI Attorney is available to help if you have been arrested for DUI in Mission Hills; you have 10 days to request a hearing in front of the California Department of Motor Vehicles as it relates the Mission Hills DUI. Call 310.415.0294 and ask for a Mission Hills DUI Attorney free consultation.

Always be polite when talking with police or California Highway Patrolmen in Mission Hills, but it is your right not to answer any questions. It is your right to politely refuse to answer any of the officer’s questions in Mission Hills concerning the DUI investigation occurring as it relates to your driving or drinking behavior. If you have given the officers in Mission Hills no answers to their questions, then there isn’t any statement from you that they may use against you in Mission Hills court.

Mission Hills Drug Defense Attorney

Drug possession arrests in Mission Hills require a strong, vigorous defense for those charged with drug possession, drug possession with intent to sell drugs, drug distribution, and drug possession with intent to deliver marijuana, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine possession in Mission Hills. Drug possession arrests in Mission Hills may also be charged with conspiracy to traffic or import a controlled substance, unauthorized possession or distribution of prescription drugs and medical marijuana charges, including unauthorized cultivation, possession and possession with intent to sell in Mission Hills.

Mission Hills Theft Defense Attorney

If you are charged with a theft crime in Mission Hills located in the State of California, it is possible to avoid conviction, fines and/or jail time in Los Angeles or Mission Hills County courts –depending completely on the facts of your case. When you are ready to tell your Mission Hills criminal defense attorney what happened, they will hear your story with complete attorney - client privilege and give you their expert evaluation.

Mission Hills Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence in Mission Hills is physical violence involving actions such as hitting, punching, biting, shoving, kicking and pulling - it is sexual abuse in Mission Hills where there is unwanted sexual touching or forced sexual acts - it is verbal abuse in Mission Hills if it involves mocking, taunting, swearing and name calling - it is financial abuse in Mission Hills where one refuses to pay bills or prevents one from going to work - it is social abuse in Mission Hills where one is listening in on phone calls, opening someone else's mail, isolating a family member from other members of the family or friends.

Mission Hills Child Molestation Defense Attorney

You must have an experienced Mission Hills criminal defense attorney if you have been arrested or a under investigation for child molestation or child abuse in Mission Hills, California. Just being accused or arrested for a sex crime involving children can mean an entire lifetime of pain and/or severe consequences for you. Even when you are 100% innocent of any charges, thoughts or allegations, you need an experienced Mission Hills sex crimes attorney to protect your rights during an extremely difficult time in your life.

When allegations of sexual child abuse or child molestation are upon you in Mission Hills, it is important that you become pro-active in protecting yourself. While the law gives you the presumption of innocence in Mission Hills, California, in the eyes of everyone else there is going to be a good deal of presumption that you are guilty. As your attorney in Mission Hills, it is our job to prove that innocence, but the time to begin is now.

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